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Quirky Bits

Quirky Bits

'Quirky Bits' is the title we've given to customers odd requests that usually start with : 

"Do you think you could make me .................?"

And we take customer requests very seriously, even if some of the ideas are a little bonkers!

We've always said, "If you can imagine it and we can draw it, then we'll have a go at making it."

Seen here are a selection of the successful ones. Enjoy!


Fancy a tipple? 

For all the Gin or Whisky lovers out there! This idea came as a direct request from one of our customers who wanted a cupboard specifically for her gin and gin glasses. 

We sourced the optic dispenser, hand made a couple of gin glass holders and in her case we side mounted the cabinet behind a faux door, using the end panel as the actual door - so now she can feel really naughty when going for a sneaky short. 

Our showroom display has two options, with either the hand made gin glass holders or shelves for whisky tumblers. However, if gin or whisky are not your tipple of choice, we can modify our cupboards to suit any type of spirit. 


Milestone Sliders

A fresh and modern reintroduction of a very retro concept. The original inspiration behind this development was, believe it or not, camper vans! As a proud camper van owner himself, Julian was looking for some effective space saving storage ideas for his latest acquisition. Having settled on the  sliding doors solution, we got to thinking about reintroducing this idea into our kitchens.

Our initial prototypes were manufactured using plywood cabinets and offcuts of our AluSplash splashback material for the doors (still a very popular option today). We also have an example on display in our showroom using Eco2 cabinets with glass doors (which we think look absolutely stunning). 


There is absolutely no limit to the uses for Milestone sliders. Look at this example from one of our clients who had a 2 meter gap to fill under her worktop. This took our idea to the extreme, in terms of size, but the end result is absolutely stunning. 

Image (1).jpeg

Milestone Midway Units

How do you solve the common, age-old problem of where to store your spice jars? 

Simple! Install one our mid way units, which was designed for this specific purpose but can be used for so much more besides. Can be open shelves or doored, spanning the gap between worksurface and wall units, but without taking up too much space on the worktop.  

These are a really neat and tidy way of storing all those little spice jars, mugs and glasses (or anything else you choose to put in them). We think that these are a great addition to any kitchen. 

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