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Our laminate worktop collections are FiraGold certified with PEFC-Chain of Custody certification with regard to recycled content of rough wood, wooden by-products and sawmill co-products. Currently available in 16, 25 and 38mm thicknesses, with either square edge or post formed edge. 

Hard Wood

All of our hard wood worktops are sustainably sourced. Available in Oak, Beech, Maple, Iroko and Walnut at 30mm and 40mm thicknesses. 

These are all supplied in a natural unfinished state. They then require machining and sanding, before finishing with tree resin based oils.

Where we supply timber worktops for yourselves or other installers to fit, we supply a full set of instructions, which when adhered to will provide the best level of durability and longevity.  

Coffee Cup and Yoghurt Pot Worktops (KORC)

We can supply and install both of these recycled materials for worktops, as part of your kitchen project, both being 100% recycled material from the plastics waste stream. We can also supply these in kit form, with adhesives and a full set of instructions for yourselves or other installers to fit. 

Recycled Glass Worktops

Our recycled glass worksurfaces are made from a minmum 70% recycled glass, 20% powdered quartz waste and 10% resin. It has the consistent appearance and performance advantages of Quartz, but offers a unique depth of texture, as light refracts through the surface crystals to the crushed fragments beneath. 

Available in a range of beautiful finishes; 

Blue star is a beautiful glossy finish, offering depth and character with shards of recycled glass in marine hues, accentuated by a complex and misty grey backdrop.

White star takes the concept of recycled glass to it's purest form. This new style is a clean, white surface which gives way to the sense of depth created by the glistening crystals throughout its' body.

Grey shell delivers a bright, airy yet complex finish, delivering rich complexity through fragments of glass in cool unsaturated tones over a neutral yet distinct backdrop

Forest star new from September 2020. 

Midnight star new from September 2020.

Gold star new from September 2020.

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*Background image - One of our popular recycled work surfaces, made entirely from waste yoghurt pots.