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Eco Nova

K105 PW Lifestyle 1.jpg

"Nova is a symbol of transformation and rebirth, both on a physical and spiritual level. It offers the meaning of newness, youth, freshness, and at the same time, brightness."

The pedigree of Our Eco Nova materials:

Wood-based panel production is a great way to introduce and maintain the principles of the circular economy. This means that a material that has already been used can be brought back into production. A good technological and business environment allows the recycled wood to fit into a wide product portfolio.
In the process of sourcing wood in our work, we have established clear priorities:
1st choice - recycled wood
2nd choice - sawmill residue
3rd choice - sustainable forestry wood.

This exciting new range is available in a selection of uni colours and woodgrain finishes a small selection of available options is shown below. There are many other finishes available, subject to stocks at our supplier. All these materials can be used for the production of both cabinets and doors. 

0564 PE Almond_edited.jpg
5982 BS Mussel_edited.jpg
K518 SU Surf Blue_edited.jpg
K517 SU Azure Blue_edited.jpg
0244 SU Petrol_edited.jpg
K516 SU Toffee_edited.jpg
K514 SU Deep Sahara_edited.jpg
K515 SU Spice Red_edited.jpg
0125 BS Royal Blue_edited.jpg
K521 SU Smoke Green_edited.jpg
K086 PW Natural Rockford Hickory_edited.
K360 PW Vintage Harbor Oak_edited.jpg
K527 HU Biscotti Hudson Oak_edited.jpg
K365 PW Coast Evoke Oak_edited.jpg
K529 HU Gold Hudson Oak_edited.jpg
K105 PW Raw Endgrain Oak_edited.jpg
K076 PW Sand Expressive Oak_edited.jpg
K356 PW Sand Grange Oak_edited.jpg
K078 PW Dark Riverside Cherry_edited.jpg
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