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Our Recycling Programmes


Working alongside Terracycle, and for your convenience, we offer a public collection point, in our Ilkley Showroom, for the following recycling programmes.



- Please read the details for each programme carefully, as they are quite specific as to what waste they can and can't accept. 

- Please make sure that all waste products are emptied and where necessary cleaned.


- It greatly helps us if waste is separated into the appropriate waste programmes, thus saving us valuable sorting time.  

Click on an image to enlarge.

The KP Snacks Recycling Programme.jpg
The Pladis Biscuits and Snacks Recycling Scheme.jpg
The Cheese Packaging Recycling Scheme.jpg
The Lavazza Eco Caps Recycling Programme.jpg
The Air Home and Laundry Care Recycling Programme.jpg
The RB Hygiene Home Recycling Scheme.jpg
The Burts Bees Personal Care Recycling Programme.jpg
The Lily's Kitchen Recycling Programme.jpg
The Warburtons Bakery Recycling Programme.jpg
The Marigold Gloves Recycling Programme.jpg
The Warburtons Wax Wrap Recycling Programme.jpg
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