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Ways to Buy

We offer the following comprehensive services to make our products available nationwide.


Starting with 2 ways to communicate: Internet or In Person.


Option (A)  We can provide a full design service via email, working to your plans and drawings. We can produce computer plans to scan and email back and forth to make sure we cover your requirements. Provide a sample service if you need to see items in the flesh. Working towards a complete plan that we can parts list and price and send you over a completed pricing summary. As this option is carried out purely using the internet, it is your responsibility to ensure that the measurements provided are accurate. We can not be held responsible for any errors due to measurements provided. 


Option (B)  We can visit your home in person to carry out a comprehensive site survey at a cost based on where you are in the country (see SITE SURVEY GUIDELINES below) and we can then plan your kitchen using the information gathered. From this we produce a schedule of works from start to finish for all the things you need to achieve. This works then whether we carry out the installation work or you have it carried out using local trades and we simply deliver the kitchen to you. We are happy to do either.

Now choose: Installation by Milestone or ‘Delivery Only’ to site


If you choose DELIVERY ONLY for a local fitter to install, there will be a delivery charge based on where you are in the UK. If this is your option, let us know when placing your order and we can price up for home delivery to your address.

If you want to use local trades to install, once a deposit is paid, we supply all plans and parts list for you and your fitter to work to. We guarantee that all the parts that make up your project will be complete, intact and nothing missing in one delivery straight to your home address.


If you choose INSTALLATION BY MILESTONE, there will be free of charge delivery as we will bring it with us. For us to install we charge exactly the same day rate as we do in our local area, our labour estimate is based on a provisional number of normal 8 hour days for 2 men. Time sheets are kept to record actual hours spent on site. 

We also require bed & breakfast accommodation and daily evening meal expenses.

We prefer the accommodation to be arranged by yourselves locally as you know your local area.

These can discussed when booking the work in.

Site Surveys, Planning and Design guidelines


Currently all our kitchen planning and pricing work prepared here at Milestone HQ is carried out free of charge.


As company policy, we do not release detailed plans and layouts to customers prior to a deposit being paid to book the work in. This applies to internet enquiries as well as local enquiries, “delivery only” work as well as “installed by us”.


However, we will release detailed plans prior to a deposit being paid on payment of a separate planning fee of £100.00 inc.vat which will be wholly refundable when you place your order with us for your kitchen. This is due to the unique way in which we plan our kitchens which are copyright to Milestone Design Ltd and are not intended to be copied by ‘other companies’ unless paid for.


Site Survey  guidelines


Zone 1: Our local appointments for site surveys within our normal operating range are free of charge.

(defined as 40 minutes travelling time from our base in Ilkley, measured by AA Routefinder calculations)


Zone 2: 40 minutes to an hour, the appointment cost will be £75 inc.vat. Where this is used, we will keep the fuel cost to get to site and back but refund the balance on placing of your order with us. This is payable prior to the Site visit.


Zone 3: Over an hour travelling time (Mainland UK), the appointment cost is based on our national rates dependant on postcode. Where this is used, we will keep the fuel cost to get to site and back but refund the balance on placing of your order with us. Again, this is payable prior to the site visit. Please contact us for further details.

The terms for Milestone installers are:


A labour cost of £380.00 + VAT per day for a two man team is our normal rate for a standard working day. However, while working away on site and staying local to site, we tend to put in longer days which can shorten our time on site. We log the hours to balance with the estimated amount. However, we will require bed and breakfast accommodation, lunch & evening meal expenses. We prefer these be arranged by yourselves locally as you know your local area. These can be flexible and discussed at the time.

(If eating out, our evening meal expenses are currently set at nominally £60 for 2 men per day depending on meal costs in the area we are working).

Travelling time to and from site from our base will be included within the relevant days labour. Fuel cost will be estimated with the job. Generally we stay with the installation from start to finish and work through any weekends to achieve this, unless site conditions dictate otherwise.


Where we are carrying out the installation work, there will be no delivery charge for the kitchen as we will be bringing it with us.

If we are delivering for other fitters to install, there will be a delivery charge based on your postcode as mentioned in DELIVERY ONLY section above.


The installers will fit all supplied furniture, work surfaces, accessory panels, second fix water pipework to sinks, dishwashers, washing machines and waste pipes, cooker hood ducting and position any relevant light fittings we supply. For gas work, you will need a local gas fitter to first and second fit pipework and carry out the appropriate local testing and certification. 


On larger projects where new building work is being carried out, we expect the builders contractors to first and second fix and test electrical and plumbing work so that the relevant testing and certificates can be issued by the trades on site.


NB: These are general conditions to give a reliable indication of how we work but we are flexible to your requirements if there are any particular needs to be taken into consideration. Just mention anything you feel relevant during discussions about your project.

Our standard terms and conditions, including terms of payment are available upon request. 

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