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KORC / Glacier

The one that started our Eco range back in 2006 and gave us the impetus to explore more ways of building kitchens using recycled and sustainable materials. This is the original Kitchen Of Recycled Content, which was originally made using Coffee cup worktops and Yoghurt pot doors ( the dog’s real, by the way, not recycled ! ).

These days we tend to use both the coffee cup and yoghurt pot materials as mainly worktops, as their thickness and density currently make their use as doors less practical.

The door is now made entirely from recycled uPVC window frames. Much lighter in weight, slightly thinner and lower in cost, we see this new material as a massive step forward in kitchen unit door technology. We’re calling it the ‘Glacier’ range! Ask for it by name.

Glacier doors can also be paired with our recycled glass worktops, in order to add some sparkle to your kitchen.


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