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The Milestone Cookbook

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Welcome to the Milestone Cookbook, we hope you enjoy the recipes contained inside. We believe this is the first time a kitchen company has compiled it’s own cookbook.
This marvellous little cookbook is currently available free of charge to all of our kitchen customers - 1 per household. Copies are also available to purchase at the cost of £6 each - an ideal gift for friends and family.

There is a lot of tasty stuff inside, catering for all menus and food choices. They are all recipes tried & tested by ourselves, at home or while on camping holidays, so dual purpose really.

We have tagged certain recipes as ‘Healthy Options’ within a normal diet and it’s all about taste & flavour.

(Our healthy options are as verified by a qualified Dietician, inline with current NHS definitions)

We’ve enjoyed compiling it & we’d love it to become your ‘go to’ cookbook, please let us know what you think.

PS: We’ve provided four sample recipes below for you to try.


The Staff & Families,
Milestone Design,
Leeds Road, Ilkley.

Healthy Options.png
Healthy Options.png
SN3 Camp Corn Fritters.jpg
F2 Brazilian prawn stew.jpg
V10 Stuffed butternut squash.jpg
M7 American Sloppy Joes.jpg
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