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Lighten up!!

Ideas on how to lighten up your dark kitchen space

We like to think that the kitchen is the heart of any home; but, if your kitchen is dark and gloomy, it can prove difficult to enjoy spending time there. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to brighten up your kitchen and make it a more inviting space.

Here are a few design tips on how to create light in a dark kitchen:

1. Use reflective surfaces. Mirrors, stainless steel, and glossy tiles are all great ways to reflect light and make your kitchen appear brighter. You can also use reflective surfaces on your backsplash or countertops to create the illusion of more space. Our AluSplash® and Alloy® ranges of splashbacks are ideal for reflecting light around around your kitchen.

2. Choose light-coloured paint and cabinets. Lighter colours reflect more light, so painting your kitchen walls and choosing cabinets (particularly those above worktop level) a light colour can make a big difference in the overall brightness of the space. If you're not ready to repaint your entire kitchen, you could start by painting just the accent walls or cabinets.

3. Install more lighting. If your kitchen has limited lighting, consider adding more overhead lights, under-cabinet lights, or task lighting. Under-cabinet lights are especially helpful for illuminating countertops and workspaces. Task lighting, such as pendant lights over the kitchen island or table, can provide additional light for specific tasks.

Why not install some clear glass fronted cabinets with internal lighting to add even more light to your room.

4. Let in natural light. If your kitchen has windows, make sure to keep them clean and free of curtains or blinds. Natural light is the best way to brighten up any space. You could also consider adding skylights or larger windows, where possible, to let in more natural light.

5. Decorate with light-coloured accents. Light-coloured rugs, towels, and dishes can all help to brighten up your kitchen. You can also add plants and flowers to add a touch of life and colour to the space.

6. Keep your countertops and other surfaces clear of clutter. Clutter can absorb light and make the space appear darker.

With a few simple changes, you can brighten up your dark kitchen and make it a more inviting and enjoyable space.

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